In a perfect world, when two parties enter into a contract, there is mutual benefit in the offer by one in the acceptance by the other in good faith. Sadly, however, not everyone acts in good faith. Contracts can be tricky, especially those with a lot of provisions and legal wording. The non-lawyer can easily be taken advantage of if he or she doesn’t understand what, in reality, they are agreeing to.


This is true between individuals as well as in the business arena. It is always wise to have your questions answered by an independent legal consultant before entering into contract. And after the contract is signed, if questions arise as to interpretation or application of the agreement, you need a lawyer to protect your interests. As a TLP member, you can call our experts anytime you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the contract you’re considering or have already agreed to.

Our expert lawyers and professionals are always just a phone call away. Thai Legal Protection is here for you 24/7!

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