What We Offer

Your personal and business legal membership plan will cover your everyday legal problem, Thai laws affect many areas of our daily lives. It can be difficult to know if an issue you have today will become a future legal problem.

You have 24/7 access to your personal legal advisor who can address your legal concerns and worries.

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Immigration and Visa issues

With the global economy and ever-increasing international travel opportunities, you need to realize that every country has its own laws and variations.

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Insurance claims

When you purchase insurance -- whether it is medical, life or other types of policies-- you know the application and the policy explanation itself.

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Car accidents

Car accidents are stressful situations. This is especially true when the accident involves personal injury. At the scene, there may be police asking you questions.

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Work injuries

What would happen if you were injured at work? What are your rights? How would you cope to keep providing for your family?

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Business dealings

In the business world, legal questions can arise almost daily. Whether it is a dispute with the customer or governmental inquiries .

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In a perfect world, when two parties enter into a contract, there is mutual benefit in the offer by one in the acceptance by the other in good faith.

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Debt and Money Problems

Unless you are independently wealthy from family inheritance or from diligence in the hard, successful work, you probably will face times where money is tight.

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Family issues

Few things in life are more satisfying than the love and comfort of the family. But family life sometimes can be strained as tensions arise over a multitude of potential issues.

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Criminal charges

There are few things in life that can be more traumatic than facing criminal charges. Whether it is you or a family member, life is suddenly turned upside down.