Our vision is to promote legal awareness and public legal education to improve the quality of life for people living in Thailand.

Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.


Thai Legal Protection serves our Members by providing them with the basic knowledge and understanding of the law in Thailand that is involved in everyday activities as well as legal advice on visa and immigration related issues.


INTEGRITY – We strive for the highest levels of honesty, transparency and ethics. Without complete trust between Members and TLP, there can be no success for either.
SERVICE – Our time and advice for our Members will always be handled timeously, frankly and efficiently.
EXCELLENCE – Quality is achieved through knowledge, diligence and attention to skillful detail in every aspect of our job. Our work will always reflect nothing less than our best efforts.
TEAMWORK – For success, there must be a good collaboration between our Members and TLP. At a minimum, this means no relevant information can be withheld. At its best, this means that the level of trust is and remains solid.