Our vision is to create a legal consulting service for Thai citizens, visitors to Thailand and expatriates who have chosen to live in Thailand. Our service helps them cope with legal issues and questions before and/or after they arise.

TLP is a vehicle for everyday people to come into contact with experienced lawyers. We answer your questions, provide basic legal knowledge and services at minimal or no cost, and, if necessary, refer cases to specialists in specific fields at affordable rates.


Our goal is to provide our members with access to legal experts when they have questions about the law. Whether a legal question is small or serious, TLP’s experienced, professional lawyers will help you understand the law and provide guidance on how you can proceed.

In many cases, a consultation with an experienced lawyer is the first step to regaining your peace of mind, your sense of security and well-being. You may be able to solve the issue yourself. In other cases, you may need further legal guidance.

No matter what, our goal is to help our members cope with and resolve all their legal issues.