Payment Terms and Conditions

1. I acknowledge And agree to the correct details of the Thai Legal Protection membership package.

2. Agreement and consent to order products occurred directly by you and the company. Which you accept in all details of the product including the price before ordering.

3. Orders after payment will be deemed irrevocable and will not have any additional conditions.

4. I agree to pay for products by credit or debit card that can be used for legal settlement.

5. I agree not to cancel the payment at a later time unless Ordering products between you and the company does not comply with the agreement. Service not received Or the service that you receive is significantly different from the details that you receive from the company according to the Company's judgment

6. I acknowledge the rules for requesting a refund that is successfully paid. This can be done only when the company agrees and is the person notifying the request for a refund only

7. I acknowledge that Thai Legal Protection Co., Ltd. will charge the credit card / debit card / bank account that I have used to register for the payment of the future installments to the company.

8. Billing from the above credit card, debit card, bank account shall be effective immediately from the date of making this letter.

9. Cash Back Cannot transfer / change / exchange / change to cash.

10. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

11. The conditions are as specified by the company. If there is a dispute, the decision of the company Final

If payment is successful Order confirmation will be sent to the customer's email. If the customer has not received the confirmation email Please try ordering and payment again. If you have any questions, please contact Member Service Department to check your order status details at 02-0261914 business hours or email [email protected]

I consent to Thai Legal Protection Co., Ltd. Use the above information to contact me to offer the Company's services. And I have read and understand the processing of my personal information listed in the Personal Information Protection Policy