William J. Woo
Business Technology Director

William has enjoyed a distinguished, 15-year career in sales, brand management and business development for two of the most recognized multi-national firms and digital platforms: Yahoo and Google. He has demonstrated proven leadership and executive management skills that have produced enviable bottom-line results in three countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Company team

His formula for success is built on three pillars of excellence. The first pillar is a deep understanding of digital technology and how it can transform and leverage business operations to produce exceptional performance. The second pillar is superb leadership capabilities, starting with strategic vision and an ability to convert vision into a mission with goals, objectives and concrete operational plans. This combination of strategic and tactical prowess is rare and accounts for Williams’s outstanding success. The third essential pillar consists of people skills. The art of sales, the gift of recognizing talent, formation of functional teams and motivating staff to meet and exceed expectations is an exceptional human relations talent; a talent William has shown throughout his career.

Drawing upon these pillars of excellence and his many years of experience, William has agreed to serve on the TLP Advisory Board. Information Technology (IT) is a vital aspect of TLP’s Mission. We use platforms for marketing, call center and customer support operations. William provides a unique technical perspective on the design, implementation and on-going operation and optimized performance of these IT systems.

Preston Bennett, TLP’s Vice President, commented, “I have spent years in the IT field, particularly in Web-design, internet marketing and social media. After 30 minutes listening to William, you immediately gain a deep appreciate for his profound command of brand management and state-of-the-art IT systems and practices.