Matthew Storr
Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew is from the UK and made the move to Thailand three years ago. He’s been with TLP for 18 months now. Having worked in many different professions, he’s always been an entrepreneur.

Company team

Company team, His first business was clearing snow off people’s paths and driveways at the tender age of eight. For him, shoveling snow for money was much more fun than building a snowman! Matthew set up a very successful market stall business at the age of 19 selling electronics but he soon realized that he needed to work online.

A mentorship by Anik Singal on the Lurn Nation platform helped him become successful once more, this time in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Matthew said “learning how to design Wordpress websites and how to write creative copy via the Lurn platform was more valuable than any college degree I could have possibly completed”.

Matthew has always succeeded in what he’s put his mind to, and he’s proven, time and time again, that his determination is second to none.

Since he began working for TLP, he has partnered with a large number of businesses for cross-marketing purposes and has managed to negotiate some amazing discounts for the TLP membership base. Now, he’s determined to bring awareness to the TLP brand. It’s something that he simply believes in it.