Pogked Prathumtong
Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Pogked Prathumtong is as a seasoned Human Resources manager. He has accepted the challenge of serving as Thai Legal Protection’s Chief Compliance Officer. Pogked’s labor relation portfolio began after graduating from Panchavitthaya Technician College. Positions at Bangkok Glass Industry Co., Ltd., Samitthiyan and Associate Co., Ltd. honed his labor relations skills and depth of experience. These skills serve as an excellent foundation for a compliance officers that require labor cooperation and adherence to established procedures.

Company team

Pogked recently declared, “I recognize the TLP business model depends on exceptional customer service, so we select staff and attorneys that not only possess strong technical skills and legal expertise but, equally important, they must demonstrate human kindness to our clients and comply with our high standards of excellence. The key to optimizing TLP performance is listening carefully to customer needs and fulfilling those needs as we deliver exceptional value.” Corporate compliance requires all staff meeting organizational ethical and operational standards.

Preston Bennett, TLP Vice President, was quick to add, “Superb customer service along with attention to detail is exactly what makes good organizations great. We will expect no less as TLP responds to its members. I cannot understate Pogked’s vital role in achieving 100% compliance in meeting our service excellence requirements.