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In today's world, every small business needs to have some level of legal protection.    The problem is that most small businesses cannot afford the high hourly rates that many law firms charge, especially during these difficult time of the covid-19 pandemic.    As a result, most small business owners download generic forms from the Internet, look for legal advice online, try to represent themselves, or worse, they ignore the situation and hope it goes away.


Small businesses that try to handle their own legal matters, often experience issues where the situation becomes worse.


Are you a business seeking a license to operate in Thailand or do you need a work permit to do business in Thailand? Or are you making a Visa application or renewal to ensure you can continue to work in Thailand? The Immigration and Work Permit team here at TLP are ready to help.


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Treaty of Amity for Americans

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How Your Business Can Benefit from the TLP Legal Team

When you own a business, its success becomes your number one priority, and you expect things to run smoothly. However, you can’t take care of everything yourself; you can’t be the salesperson, the marketing manager, and the lawyer. This is why you hire a team of experts to take care of everything for you, and one of the most important teams that every business must have is a legal team, in order to give you advice and keep you up to date with all the laws and regulations you must follow. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that your company’s survival depends on this team. Some business owners may also find themselves in legal troubles, like being sued by a client or another employee, so having a team of lawyers that they can trust to represent them and advise them along the way is very important. A company is only as strong as its legal team, because in a way, your lawyers are the soldiers that protect you from any attack that comes from inside or outside your company.


One Step Ahead of The Problem

The mistake that most companies make is that they hire lawyers only when they need to, they are basically reacting to the problem when it occurs. However, in any business, there are always problems that arise every day, so having a team of professional lawyers who are a part of your company will enable them to give you advice, recommendations, and anticipate any problem before it arises. This way your business can get ahead of any problem, and can easily identify any crisis so they can prevent it before it is too late.


Stress-Free Planning

As a business owner, you are probably handling dozens of things at once, and you probably need help to relieve yourself from the stress that you face on a daily basis. This is another reason why you need a TLP business membership so you don’t have to take care of everything yourself. Your personal lawyer will also handle negotiations for you when it is required, and if you don’t have enough resources, they can also step in and help you out when you need them to. In other words, they can offer to help with different things so you will have more free time to focus on the management of your business.


Contracts and Payments

Contracts are important because they protect your rights, however, sometimes business owners aren’t aware of how solid their contracts must be. If your contract is vague, this can open the door for the other party to take advantage of you. This is where you need the advice of a legal professional in order to protect you and your business. Another thing a personal lawyer can handle for you is when clients or partners stall and don’t pay you the money that they owe. In this case, your lawyer will send them a request in order to motivate them to pay up, and if this doesn’t work, your lawyer will take the necessary legal actions against them.


The simple truth is that you need a legal team for your company, someone you can trust to look out for your best interests. Having TLP on your side means that you will have 24/7 access to legal advice; we will take advantage of being a part of your team and will get ahead of any issue before it becomes a problem. We will also relieve your stress by taking care of certain things for you so you can focus on management and will construct contracts to secure your rights, and make sure that your clients pay you on time. Simply put, a legal team is a form of security for you and your business.


TLP legal services help small business owners get legal assistance quickly and cheaply. TLP offers plans that allow for easy cancellation with no long-term contract, giving client members more flexibility. Here are some of the advantages for businesses when they enroll:


* Avoid all types of lawsuits, including unlawful termination

* Avoid visa and Immigration issues

* Let legal professionals handle customer or competitor complaints

* Focus more on your business‍

* A clearer understanding of the Thailand labor law


Company Law

Whether helping your business flourish, or helping you set up a company in Thailand, the right way, we make sure to take care of all your possible legal requirements.


Labor Law

If you have a legal concern with your employee, we will advise the best course of action for each individual case. Our expert lawyers will then make sure you get the best possible outcome.


Work permits and Visas

If you are employing foreigners, there are many regulations. As an employer, 90% of the process is on your shoulders, and getting it right is essential for getting the staff you need and enabling your business to grow


All other business-related visas

For business owners, visa applications are often a fact of life and need to be taken seriously, done properly and completed within a certain timeframe. It’s often complicated and, unfortunately, immigration rules change often. TLP can guide you through everything and put you on the right track.


Thailand BOI (Board of Investment)

We can professionally guide you through the entire process, pre-screen your business plan to help you assess your BOI promotion success and help with compliance, BOI visas and more.


Treaty of Amity

The Treaty of Amity is a special economic relationship between the United States and Thailand that gives special rights and benefits to U.S. citizens who wish to establish their businesses in Thailand. We can help you understand the treaty and the privileges you are entitled to as an American citizen.


TLP is a pre-paid legal services program that costs less than what most lawyers charge for one hour of their time. Now, your small business can finally get the legal protection and advice that it needs and deserves, on your terms without breaking the bank.

For a low monthly fee, small businesses can have access to our lawyers for legal advice and deeply discounted rates for all legal services. The TLP program basically allows small businesses to have regular access to lawyers just like the major corporations do.

Our expert lawyers and professionals are always just a phone call away. Thai Legal Protection is here for you 24/7!

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