Business Dealings

In the business world, legal questions can arise almost daily. Whether it is a dispute with the customer or governmental inquiries about potential regulation violations or any number of gray areas in the law, businesses need a legal resource they can turn to whenever questions arise.

Your TLP membership provides just such access to business law specialists whenever and however often you need answers to protect your business and keep it profitable. As a business owner or manager, you know how complex your operation is. You cannot be expected to know every aspect of how you are affected by the law. That’s when you should call TLP.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are stressful situations. This is especially true when the accident involves personal injury. At the scene, there may be police asking you questions or pressure from the other driver. That’s why the TLP hotline is in place so you can have a detached legal expert represent you and guide you at that critical time.

But after the accident, you still have questions. Perhaps insurance lawyers will try to get you to settle prematurely. Perhaps you are arrested as being at fault. These are times when you need a calming, steady resource to answer your questions and help guide you through your options. Your monthly membership provides the legal expertise for you to call with your questions, whether it is before, during or after the accident itself. All questions are welcome at TLP.


In the ideal world, when two parties enter into a contract, there is mutual benefit in the offer by one in the acceptance by the other in good faith. Sadly, however, not all people always act in good faith. Contracts can be tricky, especially those with a lot of provisions and legal wording. The non lawyer can easily be taken advantage of if he doesn’t understand what he is agreeing to reality.

This is true whether it is between two individuals or in the business arena. It is always wise to have your questions answered by an independent legal consultant before entering into contract. And after the contract is signed, if questions arise as to interpretation or application of the agreement, you need a lawyer to protect your interests. As a TLP member, you can call anytime our experts you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the contract you’re considering or have already agreed to.

Criminal Charges

There are few things in life that can be more traumatic then facing criminal charges. Whether it is you or a family member, life is suddenly turned upside down. Certainly, these are the times when you need to talk to someone about what to do next. Or sometimes you might be facing a situation where you are not sure whether what you want to do is legal or not.

These are ass the times where your TLP membership enables you to talk things over with an expert in criminal law. Whether the crime is minor or more serious, it affects your reputation and your future. TLP can provide answers to your questions during the stressful times.

Debt and Money Problems

Unless you are independently wealthy from family inheritance or from diligence in the hard, successful work, you probably will face times where money is tight. This is especially stressful if it weakens your ability to provide for your family or threatens your business. And while most people have particular skills in one area, very few are knowledgeable and skillful in financial planning.

TLP members can call for confidential discussions with our financial and estate planning experts regarding what options you have to address financial woes and to form a plan to work through them. Sometimes there are recourses in the law to help cope with financial issues, and TLP can help you find those recourses.

Family Issues

Few things in life are more satisfying than the love and comfort of the family. But family life sometimes can be strained as tensions arise over a multitude of potential issues – financial, infidelity, personality clashes, drugs, in-law conflicts, to name a few. These are the times when a detached family law expert can help you consider what options are available and what your best course might be.

As a TLP member, you should feel free to contact our specialists any time you feel uncertain about dealing with family matters. Family law exists to promote peace and harmony within the family and to provide fair resolution when such peace and harmony is irretrievably broken. You may not be in a position to understand your circumstances or what your rights are or what is best for you and your family. Call TLP to talk it over confidentially with our experts.

Insurance Claims

When you purchase insurance — whether it is medical, life or other type of policies — you know the application and the policy explanation itself is a lengthy document that very few people read in its entirety before signing. Often many people have questions before they purchase insurance and or have questions regarding their rights under the policy after they’ve signed up.

Your TLP membership lets you call our independent legal experts to help you understand your insurance concerns whenever you have questions. Sometimes it is just a matter of verifying what the insurance agent has told you. But whatever the case, TLP stands ready to help you work through your questions and find the answers.

Immigration & Visa Problems

With the global economy and ever-increasing international travel opportunities, you need to realize that every country has its own laws and variations regarding immigration and visa requirements. This area is complex and certainly raises many questions for the average person.

Whatever questions you have, you should know that your monthly TLP membership entitles you to call our specialists whenever and however often you want to answer your questions when you are considering your options before, during or after your international travel.

Work Injuries

Have what would happen if you were injured at work? What are your rights? How would you cope to keep providing for your family? Unfortunately, workplace injuries are a common occurrence, yet very few employees understand what they can and should do in these circumstances.
Often some lawyer representing the employer will try to get you to sign papers that really benefit the employer and minimize what you are entitled to under the law. As a TLP member, you can call our labor lawyer experts at any time to get an overview of what your rights are. And if you are injured, TLP certainly will be on hand to answer your questions and to help guide you as to what steps you need to take for your full protection.