Personal Plan for Foreign Expats and Visitors


Sooner or later, we all will have a legal question or face a legal issue. The key to success is to prepare for a problem before it becomes a problem. That is why we created Thai Legal Protection, a membership program that provides you 24/7 access to your personal legal advisor who can help you resolve whatever matter you face. With plans beginning at only 499 baht per month, you and your family can have the peace of mind in knowing you already have in place the security of legal assistance.

Ex-pats living and working in a foreign land is both exciting and challenging, especially if the ex-pat is not that familiar with the laws and traditions of the country he has chosen. A trusted resource for information and legal assistance when needed is a virtual necessity. Another challenge Ex-pats face is language barriers. Thai is not an easy language for foreigners to learn and many Thais are not fluent in English. Understanding Thai laws or legal documents and issues require translation or interpreters. This is another service readily available to TLP members.

Thai Legal Protection is precisely that trusted resource for ex-pat foreigners residing in the kingdom. TLP is a membership program by which foreigners can have their legal questions answered, have access to pre-screened professional licensed Thai lawyers who also speak English.

Some visitors enjoy Thailand so much they consider buying vacation property here or opening a business or perhaps retiring here someday. Having TLP membership is a great way to begin preparing for your future in Thailand. We can educate you on Thai laws affecting real estate, opening a business, taxation, contracts and on visa matters for working or retiring in Thailand. Our help will continue when you move to Thailand.

Since the world wide web launched in 1991, the world has changed in many ways. No more so than dating, romance and marriage. Social media and on-line dating has brought men and women closer throughout the word and Thailand is a good example. Thousands of men meet Thai ladies on-line. Many decide to visit Thailand to meet their special friend. This often leads to serious relationships, courtship and marriages raising legal issues regarding marriage registration and visas. Let TLP guide you.

PERSONAL LEGAL PLAN coverage include consultations with our pre-screened professional licensed Thai lawyers covering many legal matters including:

• Vehicle and traffic accidents
• Business dealings
• Contracts
• Debt and Money Problems
• Personal injury & Criminal charges
• Family relationship issues
• Visa & immigration issues
• Wills and Powers of Attorney
• Real estate, tenancy and property issues
• Employment problems

BENEFITS that our TLP Members enjoy:

• Substantial discounts on legal fees
• A lawyer available immediately in an emergency
• Save time searching for a lawyer
• Reduce the stress of performing your own legal work
• Eliminate costly mistakes in performing your own legal work
• Receive quality legal services
• Caring and capable legal minds always fighting on you
• Your lawyer keep your information strictly confidential
• Enjoy “Peace of Mind” knowing TLP lawyers are on your side


1. Join now for ฿ 499 a month
2. Dial our TLP Call Center whenever you want legal or visa advice or emergency legal help
3. A TLP lawyer or visa specialist will call you back to serve you