COVID - 19

Numerous countries, including Thailand, have implemented travel or entry restrictions at their ports of entry. These changes will impact foreigners travelling to Thailand during COVID-19 travel restrictions as well as certain longer staying visa holders.
The pandemic has also disrupted immigration services and related Thai laws. Your Thai Legal Protection membership will keep you constantly updated on changes as they occur, so you can make travel plans in confidence and with peace of mind.


At Thai Legal Protection, we provide a personal family plan as well as a group legal service plan for Visitors, International Travelers, Retirees, Employees, Business Owners, Investors, Association and Brokers/Consultants.


If you are like most people, you probably haven’t given much thought about legal protection, especially when you travel or relocate to another country. Rapid changes in the world today are impacting everyone, and the law is no exception.

Let’s face it, most of the time, people are creatures of habit, reacting to problems instead of thinking proactively. When a problem occurs, only then do they deal with it.

TLP’s mission goes beyond simply trying to help a member client after the problem has occurred. Our mission is to help educate our members in areas of concern for them so that they can avoid legal problems altogether, both now and in the future. That is why we invite member clients to call us with any questions pertaining to the law so they can be better informed in protecting themselves and their families.

Legal issues can sneak up on you at any time, and legal expenses or fines can catch you off guard. Thai Legal Protection is the best way to protect you from those expected and unexpected life events that can happen, especially when living abroad. Time is something we can never replace Having a TLP Legal professional handle such matters for you through a legal plan is worth it.

Live More, Worry Less.

Along the way, establish a working relationship with a legal professional that understands your needs and issues. When you need your lawyer, you’ll be glad that you met them when you did as they can help and guide you through problems and issues such as:


​•​Marrying a foreigner

​•​International travel visa refusal

​•​Understanding what visa you need to stay in Thailand

​•​Applying for second citizenship for yourself or  your child

​•​Conflicts between family members

​•​Insurance refusing your claim

​•​What to do after a car accident

​•​Conflicts with your business partners

​•​Borrowing from a loan shark

​•​Unpaid credit card debt

​•​Foreclosure on my home

​•​Negotiating or entering into a contract

​•​Altercation and confrontation

​•​Being accused of a crime

​•​Getting injured at work

​•​Deciding to adopt a child

​•​Starting your own business

​•​Buying and selling your property

​•​Investing in a business or property

​•​Deciding to work or move overseas

​•​Someone owing you money and refusing to pay


...and many more legal life events.

Our expert lawyers and professionals are always just a phone call away. Thai Legal Protection is here for you 24/7!

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If you think you might need a lawyer, then you do! Talk to Us First, before you do something that could impact your legal rights.