Why Legal Awareness is Important

Thai Legal Protection (TLP) was founded on the fundamental principle that the best way to serve our valued members is to ensure our lawyers and legal professionals share and adhere to our core values and culture. TLP is committed to providing counsel beyond expectations, building lasting relationships and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.


We can spread legal awareness by educating people about their rights, about their duties and about new laws and provisions. Let’s be honest, new laws in Thailand come thick and fast and we all need to keep abreast of them.


Legal awareness can empower people to demand accountability and justice. Ignorance to the law prevents people from anticipating legal troubles and approaching a lawyer for consultation and advice in time. TLP recognizes the importance of educating people on the law for this very reason.

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Normally people think that legal education is only for law students and lawyers etc., but has anyone ever thought about how important the basic role of legal education plays in our daily life. It is necessary for every person to have fundamental knowledge about the law; or else it would become very difficult for people to deal with common problems like consumer protection and the protection of one’s basic rights in society, for example. When a person hears the word “legal awareness”, the image of a lawyer or a courtroom comes to mind. Many people in our society tend to avoid these things by convincing themselves that this is not their problem. But for their own protection, it is important that every person has some basic knowledge of the laws in their country.

We know that when you come to us, you are looking for answers. We will explain the law to you, as it applies to your situation, and then discuss the options available to you along with the pros and cons of each course of action. We will also offer our opinion as to the best approach. The ball is then in your court and you will make the final decision.


Your subscription with TLP will educate and advise you well. We encourage you to call as often as you see necessary no matter how small you think your issue may be.


Your personal and business legal membership plan will cover your everyday legal problems. Thai laws affects many areas of our daily lives. It can be difficult to know whether an issue that you have today will become a legal problem in the future.


You have 24/7 access to your personal legal advisor who can address your legal concerns and worries.

Our expert lawyers and professionals are always just a phone call away. Thai Legal Protection is here for you 24/7!

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