Are you an investor looking for experienced lawyers to assist your entry into the Thai property market or are you thinking about buying or selling property in Thailand?


TLP lawyers have the expertise to provide you with a comprehensive range of legal advice and support services in every aspect of Thailand real estate such as transactions, due diligence, property tax, conveyancing, and registrations at the competent land office. TLP will always protect your legal rights and ensure you meet your legal obligations.


When you need help during the planning stage of your investment, the TLP legal team is ready to help. The services we provide include:


Securing Property Purchases

In order to secure your investment, our team of real estate experts in Thailand would be pleased to provide you the following legal advice and assistance:

Real estate due diligence on a property ensures that all aspects regarding your purchase will be made in compliance with Thai Law and procedures.

Review and give legal advice of clauses in the contracts covering your rights and to ensure your best interests are met.

Registration of a conveyance to ensure that legal acquisition of property is fulfilled.

If you are a foreigner wanting to buy property in Thailand, whether a villa or condo but are not familiar with the local procedure, we can help. As a foreign buyer, it is essential to be familiar with and comply with Thai laws relating to property purchase. That is why we recommend consulting with our TLP property specialist.


We can advise you on how you, as a foreigner, can invest in residential real estate in Thailand or help you lease property. For example:

You can lease land for a maximum period of 30 years and can sometimes renew the leasehold period up to three times or buying the property with the help of a spouse or buying property with a Thai Limited Company. We provide advice and support including the most important items.


Topics covered :


* Can foreigners buy property in Thailand?

* Buying a Condo in Thailand

* Buying a Villa

* Financing a Property in Thailand

* Getting a Mortgage as a Foreigner

* Real Estate Taxes

* Renting Out Property in Thailand

* Business Visa Applications

* Business Visa Renewals

* Other Visa Applications and Renewals

* Permanent Residency Permit Applications

* Converting Visas to Non-Immigrant Visas

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