Thai Legal Protection invites highly qualified attorneys to become part of our network and add their expertise to the services we offer nationwide.

This is an opportunity to provide legal assistance to people who are in need of expert legal opinions. The attorneys themselves will benefit from a relationship with TLP. They will notice almost immediately how their practice has grown.

As a member of our attorney network, you’ll receive not only paying clients from the membership base, but all of the referrals coming from other group legal plan members. This would include co-workers, employers, and even family and friends who are recommended by satisfied members. Working with TLP is definitely an opportunity that should not be ignored.

How Can Pre-Paid Legal Services Work in My Law Practice?

Our plan members are matched with those lawyers in their geographic area based on the attorney’s practice fields and ability to provide the legal benefits possible. As soon as you have been approved, accepted, and trained in the TLP Pre-Paid Legal Services network, you can begin accepting referrals from our large membership base immediately and watch your practice grow.

TLP Pre-Paid Legal Services is a trusted name in the group legal plan industry as the attorneys in our network are some of the very best in their profession. That trust is readily transferred to legal professionals who are associated with us.

We encourage attorneys to contact us to find out more about our network, and how they can benefit by being part of the referral network of attorneys maintained by TLP.

It is a call that is definitely a step in the right direction for you and your practice.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.