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Thai Legal Protection or TLP is a new membership service in Thailand offering affordable legal assistance for Thai businesses ,Thais and English-speaking expats and tourists. TLP provides unlimited consultations on any legal or immigration matter. If you are faced with an emergency that requires prompt legal aid such as an accident or if you are a victim of a crime, TLP is ready 24/7 to help you immediately. We are just a call away.
After you become a TLP member, you will receive a handy member ID card. This includes a call center numbers for general legal advice, for emergency legal aid and for member services. Just call; we are ready to serve you.
We don’t know when we may need legal information or advice. We might want to ask questions about a legal matter. And when we do need a lawyer, where do we go? Especially  foreigners who cannot speak Thai. Our nation-wide network of Thai and English-speaking lawyers are pre-screened and available to help.
TLP offers INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY memberships for 495 THB per month and BUSINESS memberships for 3,995 THB per month. You also have an option of signing a 12 month contract for big savings on your subscription.
As soon as you send in your on-line application with first month payment, we will  immediately send you an email enclosing your membership ID Card and the numbers to call  for service whenever you need it. Then you may make your first call!
Small and medium size business just cannot afford a staff lawyer, and yet there are many legal matters that businesses face including labor law, tax law, contracts, business deals,  collection, and more. TLP is the affordable way to get legal advice anytime when you need it without paying hefty legal bills.

If you need a legal referral, the lawyers in the TLP system are standing by nationwide who  speak Thai and English. We will recommend a lawyer in your province that specializes in the legal matter of concern to you.
Yes! TLP has staff who are experts on Immigration and Visa matters not only for Thailand,  but also for the USA, UK, Schengen, Canada or Australia and more! Want a retirement visa in Thailand? Or a “Green Card” for a loved one wanting to go to the USA? TLP can help. We keep up with Thai  Immigration law, so count on for answers.
Absolutely, you never know when you may need legal assistance. And when you do, finding  quality and affordable legal help can be a challenge. TLP membership means you get a prompt service, and should you retain a lawyer we refer to you, you will receive a discount of up to 25% on your legal fees.
As a TLP member you do not have to have a long-term contract. The monthly fee can end whenever you wish. So, a tourist visiting Thailand for a month or less can have TLP legal assistance without any long-term obligation. This applies to all members including Thais and migrant workers. You can end and begin again your membership later also.