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Everyone has the need for an attorney periodically throughout their lifetime. Quality legal assistance can be very costly. And it can be hard to know where to find an attorney that you can trust. For a small monthly fee, you can have a team of top attorneys ready to help you take care of life’s planned and unplanned legal emergencies as they come up.

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☑️ I can’t afford the plan…

We understand that finances can be tough, but we have made the TLP Personal and Business Plan extremely affordable and don’t forget there are many ways that your plan can pay for itself! Read more about MEMBERPerks or other ways to use your PEROSONAL PLAN or BUSINESS PLAN DISCOVER MORE

☑️ I don’t have any legal issues right now

There are so many ways that your TLP membership can be helpful. You could have problems on arrival into Thailand? Insurance refusing your claim? Altercation and confrontation? Buying and selling your property? Having a personal lawyer connection eliminates the stress, hassle, and worry of scrambling to hire a reputable lawyer when this can be answered and taken care of by the professional in a matter of minutes, free of charge.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to develop such a connection (professionally, if a friend or a family member doesn’t practice law). 

☑️What I need is not covered in my membership

Your TLP plan can help with any legal issue and give you a clear understanding of what exactly you need to do. If your specific issue is not covered under the standard membership benefits, you can use your provider lawyer for up to 25% off their standard hourly rates.

☑️ I use my own lawyer outside of my TLP plan…

Why not use your TLP lawyer for everything! We are a one-stop center for legal advice, and your membership plan could save you thousands of Baht. !

☑️I didn’t use my plan

There are hundreds of ways that you can use your TLP membership plan! You also get exclusive discounts on hundreds of popular brands just for being a TLP member. DISCOVER MORE here. 

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I consider this the best money I've spent in my life. Great minds at very affordable membership rates.

I recently visited Thailand for 2 months. TLP told me exactly what I needed to do to get into Thailand and everything went smoothly. During the 2 months I was in Thailand I needed TLP 3 times. I had a small problem with the authority which without TLP on my side could well have escalated quickly. Another problem was checking out of my hotel where I was Almost overcharged and once more when I was leaving Thailand at the airport. I simply can't recommend these guys enough. The membership is amazing value.