Thai Legal Protection brings employees a whole range of great benefits. Our employee group plans do not include coverage on work-related issues, but the plan gives members unlimited legal & Immigration access on all other issues.


When employees are dealing with concerns such as legal issues, their burdens are often evidenced in the workplace through:

Wasted work time

Poor job performance

Increased healthcare costs



By having a legal plan in place, your employees will have the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll have a safety net when legal matters arise — providing you with employees who aren’t distracted by legal concerns.


Help reduce employees’ worries about legal matters and the costs of legal services. When it comes to stress, personal finances are at the top of the list. When employees have legal problems, they hesitate to consult a lawyer because they fear they can’t afford legal representation. As a result, their productivity suffers. With TLP, both your employees and your organization reap the benefits of affordable, quality legal services just a phone call away.


Our legal benefit plans make you more competitive and attractive.


Great employees are your best asset, and a comprehensive benefits plan can help you attract and retain them. TLP lets you offer benefits that are equal to or better than those of your competitors, giving your most desirable candidates one more reason to go to work for you. We are here for employees because we offer unlimited consultations on all legal and immigration issues.


* Immigration and visa problems

* Insurance claims

* Car accidents

* Business dealings

* Contracts

* Debt and Money Problems

* Family issues

* Criminal charges


...and many more legal life events.


These areas are the times where your TLP membership enables you to talk things over with a lawyer. TLP can provide answers to your questions during these stressful times. Our expert legal and immigration consultants take the burden away from Human Resources and allowing them to concentrate on other matters, generally making a happier workplace in the process. Plus, don’t forget they’ll have access to our 24/7 emergency hotline whenever they need it.