Thai Legal Protection (TLP) employee plans let your staff focus on their work instead of legal matters. In the same way that many benefits packages provide access to preventive medicine or dentistry, our plans give your employees access to preventive law. These plans are offered to both private and public organizations, from financial institutions and healthcare organizations, to universities and government entities.

Many legal issues faced by employee can be addressed promptly and effectively with a phone consultation. These include family relationship issues, wills to protect their family, housing and property issues, real estate transactions, insurance claims, personal injury, money or debt problems, immigration & visa issues and other concerns that touch upon the law. TLP exists to help employees even before legal or visa problems arise. And if greater assistance is needed, TLP provides deep discounts of 15-25% on all services.

Companies that employ foreign workers will find our employee plans even more valuable for these workers face even more unique and complex legal matters involving work visas and work permits and their extensions. Depending on the nationalities of these foreign workers, the cost of visas and work permits vary considerably, so we will need to provide companies with proposals based on their employee configurations. By requesting a quote below, we will begin the dialogue resulting in a proposal for interested firms.

By offering this plan to employees, companies not only provide greater peace of mind for their staff, the positive effects produce important benefits for employers:

• The plan will be perceived as a valuable new benefit whether paid by the company or offered on a voluntary payroll deduction basis
• May reduce absenteeism and time-off dealing with personal legal matters
• Increases employee well-being positively impacting morale & productivity
• Reduces employee stress contributing to improved labor relations
• Obtain a more favorable outcome to their legal problems
• Reduce symptoms of stress as a consequence of their legal issues
• Reduce the cost the company expends in recruiting talent from abroad by reducing visa and work permit related fees

Employees who face legal issue may become distracted from their job. They may feel overwhelmed trying to select an attorney and not feel sure about their next steps. This is why it is strongly recommended that employees have access to a legal service plan so that their questions and concerns can be answered promptly. With plans beginning at only 450 baht per month for Foreign employee and 300 baht per month for Thais, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodian, your employee and can have the peace of mind in knowing they already have in place the security of legal assistance.

By joining TLP, employee now can have access to legal assistance when they simply want to understand a legal matter or if a problem arises by contacting our Call Center 24/7. Lawyers are standing-by ready to answer any questions or to speak to authorities on the behalf of the TLP member in cases of emergency such as traffic accidents or criminal acts.

Being able to turn to a resource in his or her time of need can empower an employee to make the right decisions about their future and allow them to continue focusing on work while addressing their legal issues effectively and promptly. Sooner or later, we all will have a legal question or face a legal issue. The key to success is to prepare for a problem before it becomes a problem. That is why we created Thai Legal Protection.