Cherma (Sabai) Sakpanya earned her law degree from Ramkamhang Univeristy and received her Law license from the Law Society of Thailand in 2010.

Sabai entered her profession practicing Immigration Law and Family Law at TSL & Associate (Thailand); and over the years she distinguished herself both for her excellent legal skills and for her administrative expertise.

When David Lam,President/CEO created Thai Legal Protection (TLP), Sabai was his enthusiastic choice for the position of Chief Operating Officer; he remarked, “I have great confidence in Sabai with her proven abilities in organizing, planning and directing along with a superb legal mind. She of course will relate extremely well with our national team of legal consultants. She also understands customer service is essential for our membership program to grow and excel.”

Sabai observed, “TLP is an exciting new concept in Thailand for delivering legal education and consultation. Our members have ready access to legal assistance even in emergency situations. I want the law to protect and serve our members. TLP was created to meet this challenge.”