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The Thai Legal Protection business membership is designed for businesses that are tired of paying exorbitant legal fees. Access to reliable and affordable legal advice is imperative when operating a business in a foreign country. We know that operating a business away from home can be difficult. The labor laws are different, visas and work permits are so complicated and confusing with mountains of paperwork that seem endless and contracts in a foreign language and laws and regulations that are contradicting and unclear. On top of that, you have to hire foreign staff too and make sure they are legal and help them understand what to expect when relocating to Thailand for work.
Thai Legal Protection can give you and your employees the peace of mind so you and them can focus on running your business successfully. The corporate membership includes unlimited legal consultations to help you and your team do just that!
As well as helping you through labor disputes with your staff, we will review all your contracts for you to make sure they are okay to sign. Help you deal with those pesky HR issues like HR policies, terminations, contract issues, position redundancy, and best of all, your business will qualify for our 24-hour emergency support. If you or any of your staff find themselves in an accident or trouble with the law, our team of emergency lawyers will be just a phone call away and will come and assist you.
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We Are Here For You In Your Time Of Need!

Do you have trouble understanding the visa and work permit process. This is one of the most confusing things for businesses, INGOs, and local Thai Foundations. We will walk your admin staff through all the processes to make sure they understand the visa and work permit laws as well as all the forms and supporting documents required.
Has someone threatened your business with legal action? If so, our team of knowledgeable attorneys will answer all your questions and concerns to make sure you understand all the risks before you settle or make any decisions.
After your consultation, if hiring a lawyer is necessary, we’re there to support you and your team too. Our team of professional and reliable lawyers will handle your case quickly and affordably at preferred rates that only Thai Legal Protection corporate members have access too.
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Protect Your Business With TLP

As well as protecting your business, Thai Legal Protection will also be there for your employees. Our employee group plans are a great way to show your foreign and Thai staff you care and respect them. They will also have access to unlimited free consultations on the visa and work permit process as well as other personal matters that they may incur while under your employment.
So don’t delay. Sign up and secure peace of mind for your business and start to save on those incredibly expensive legal fees today. You and your staff deserve to have accessible and affordable legal support.


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