As a trusted administrator of individual, business and group legal plans, Thai Legal Protection is the logical choice for brokers and consultants. TLP is the only prepaid legal service in Thailand. We provide very affordable legal plans inside of Thailand.

TLP works with both large and small organizations as well as individuals and associations. We can easily service any targeted group that a consultant or broker does business with.

At Thai Legal Protection our Group Legal Plans have a massive value for a brokerage or consulting business. We can help any broker or consultant supplement their health insurance business with group plans that are cost effective and valuable.

Why Offer TLP Pre-Paid Legal Services?

TLP legal plans help individual businesses save money on legal fees, and the employees of those businesses too by increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism/presenteeism and boosting morale with the benefits provided. In addition, TLP can help companies improve their employee benefit package in order to attract quality candidates.

With our experience in all types of industries (manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, banking, finance, service, nonprofit, administrative and more), an insurance broker or consultant can trust that a TLP legal benefit is ideal for any and all clients. In addition to all of that, we have products that are affordable and useful to all of your clients.

For the employee group plans, our services are easy for human resources to administer and simple for members to use. TLP will provide support from pre-enrollment through enrollment and post-enrollment in the plans so that a broker can confidently recommend our plans to his or her client base. Another feature of our plans that is extremely important although not spelled out in the paperwork is that the providers in our network are highly skilled professionals with superior customer service skills. They can provide answers to the complicated questions and bring resolution to difficult situations. Our providers assist members patiently and with the kind of empathy that any company has a right to expect for its employees. We also are willing to do everything that is necessary to develop a benefit that exactly fits what the client would like to have.

TLP considers it very important to develop a strong relationship with insurance brokers and consultants. We take the time to educate brokers and consultants on our products so that these benefits professionals can get the most out of a partnership with us.

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