Call Center

Sometimes in the course of your day you might have a legal question. If so, call our nonemergency legal services call center and have your question answered. Whether it’s a relatively minor question or if you’re facing something more serious, the TLP call center is there to help you. You can find the call centers numbers listed on the back of your TLP membership card. Call during business hours: (09.00-16.00 Monday – Friday). Most importantly, these consultations are free and unlimited. Whether the legal question or question about TLP services or any other aspect of your membership, you can call the call center and get your questions answered.

Emergency Legal Assistance

Everyone faces emergencies in their lives, and when they occur, need a way to deal with them as soon as possible. Often these emergencies involve a law, which is why you need the TLP Emergency Legal Assistance Call Center. Whether it is a traffic accident, the criminal arrest or other emergency, you can call the number on the front of your TLP membership card and immediately reach a lawyer who can assist and protect you.

National Legal Team

The advantage TLP offers its members is that are reaches nationwide. Wherever you are in Thailand, we have a legal team of more than 200 attorneys covering all the provinces in the kingdom. Our attorneys include specialists in every aspect of Thai law so that we can refer your legal needs to the appropriate attorney in your location. Our prescreened attorneys stand ready to serve TLP members.

Free Unlimited Consultations

One of the benefits of TLP membership is free unlimited consultations on all our services. Once you are connected to one of our attorneys, immigration consultants or other service providers, you will have free unlimited consultations (by phone or email) to discuss your particular situation and our services. You can then decide to engage our services on a pre-agreed fee basis.

Significant Discounts on Fees

Another key benefit of TLP membership is significant discounts on all our services. These range from 15% – 25% off normal fee rates depending on the services required. Your service invoices will clearly indicate your TLP membership discount. Any questions or concerns can be directed to your service provider or to our Customer Service representative

Online Newsletters

Get informed about Thai Laws and how they may affect you. Read how TLP Legal Services can protect you and your family. We answer the most frequently asked questions from TLP members. Expats and Tourists get important information on laws affecting their stay in Thailand. Increase your legal vocabulary and knowledge.