Thai Legal Protection (TLP) was incorporated by David Lam – managing partner for an Immigration and Legal Firm assisting both Thai citizens and foreigners with visa and other immigration related concerns for more than 15 years.

We’ve served thousands of clients. In many cases, clients needed help because they tried to do it on their own without understanding the basics of the law and had made bad decisions that caused problems, even including being blacklisted by immigration. Each embassy has its own rules and regulations on how visas are issue or denied based on their own country’s immigration laws.

Did not know the questions to ask and had no one to turn to for answers

Essentially, the clients did not know the questions to ask and had no one to turn to for answers.

So we created TLP because people need that resource to turn to – not just for immigration and visa issues, but also for all aspects of the law in Thailand. The advantage for our members is that their monthly fee entitles them to call us with questions about any area of the law. And through our emergency hotline, members can call anytime day or night to get help on the spot from both Thai and English-speaking attorneys.

Frankly, getting legal advice from the internet, friends, family members or former clients of a lawyer who had done something similar is a very risky way to try to solve your problem. Through TLP you will get accurate legal advice tailored to your needs in your specific case.

If you have questions, you want answers, whether it involves immigration and visa problems, family issues, debts and money problems, business dealings, insurance claims, work injuries, car accidents or if you want to buy a car, home or health insurance or enter into any kind of contract. We are here to answer those questions and protect your interests.

We know the average person is not versed in the law, but our members often avoid expensive litigation by being educated to handle the matters themselves after consulting with our network of professionals. However, should your matter require legal representation, our network of specialists can assist you at an affordable rate through the TLP discount.

At TLP you can rely on fair, honest, frank and transparent dealings. We will do our best to give you the foundation on which you can address your legal concerns, whether you resolve it yourself or decide to retain one the attorneys in our network.

Just as you get medical insurance to protect against future health issues, so should you also take the steps to protect yourself and secure your future rights and interest against future legal problems. Call us today.

Over the years, we understand what Customer Service means to our clients. They want FOUR essential qualities:

Competence: Sound advice and expert service delivery<
Affordability: Services that are priced fairly
Availability: Our clients live and travel in all parts of Thailand. They want service where they are
Accessibility: Especially in cases of emergency, they want prompt service